Who says I can’t have my cake and eat it too?
« Cosi fan tutte”, an opera composed by Mozart in 1790, translates to “so do all of them”, meaning all women are the same. Oh really?
Today, I present to you Dorabella, a strong willed, naïve, but “does what she wants” kinda girl. She is the type of woman we should strive to be. She does not care what people think, she drinks her hot chocolate and does what her heart desires. We should be able to have the same openness to life, to enjoy every desert without counting the calories, to whole heartedly see the good in people without doubting their loyalty, and to have a sexuality that belongs to us and us alone.
We expect all women to fit into one standard of beauty, especially in opera. We judge ourselves, and we judge others. How can we say that times have really changed, if us, as women, we won’t let ourselves have that little piece of cake? All shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities are beautiful, in opera and in life. We need to accept these differences, to embrace them and to make them part of our art form. We are not all the same, because we are all unique, and we have a reason to love ourselves, especially our differences.
Cosi fan tutte : Smanie Implacabili (Mozart)

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