The Girl and Death.

Happy Halloween 🎃 👻
Today, for my very final character, on this very spooky day of witches and ghosts, I am not an opera character. I have chosen to impersonate Schubert’s Lied “Der Tod und das Mädchen“, the girl and death.
The girl, afraid of dying, cries out to be saved from her inevitable doom. But what if Death was nice? Schubert’s Lied alludes to this. Maybe Death is kind and maybe death is welcoming. Or, maybe Death is simply manipulative and hypocritical. We will never know!
But what we do know is that, tonight, when the lights go low, when the air gets crisp and owls howl, creatures will be roaming. This year, they may not be roaming our streets, but they will be there. The monsters are ALWAYS there 😈
Der Tod und das Mädchen – Schubert

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